Re: NVDA error when selecting word document in Windows explorer and preview pane activated


Thank you for your reply.
Me neither, I don't use the preview pane and I didn't know that it was possible to activate or deactivate it with "alt+p".
I ran into this problem when opening a word document from explorer and closing it.
The focus is then returned to the preview pane and it is no longer possible to return to the explorer.
Forced to close the explorer and restart it.
Big waste of time.
Best regards.
Le 16/02/2022 16:26, Shaun Everiss a écrit :

To be honest I don't use preview pain as a general rule.

However it wouldn't surprise me.

Windows explorer is the flakeyist bit of program I have ever used.

So the only reason I don't switch really is bar coppying various things from time to time I rarely have to fiddle with it.

The shell experience host likes to crash for unknown reasons.

Ending that in task manager and then if not working all instances of explorer and restarting explorer from a new task usually fixes it for a bit though because it can do it again you may have to reboot.

Explorer can choak with large files, large folders loads of smaller files in a folder, transfering larger files etc.

I have not as yet used other shells full time because explorer as a file manager even with ribbons off etc I only use as such less than 10% of my day.

On 17/02/2022 4:18 am, Brian Vogel wrote:
I don't think this is actually an NVDA problem.  I don't normally use the Preview Pane or Details Pane in File Explorer, but I turned it on just to experiment, and without NVDA involvement at first.  What I've found is that once you have tabbed into the Preview Pane, you cannot either tab or shift tab out of it.  Much like the Hotel California, you can check in any time you like, but you can never leave!

Whether there is another keyboard shortcut that allows you to escape the preview pane I do not know, and if tab or shift tab used to work, then Microsoft has somehow introduced a bug into File Explorer.

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