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I'm glad some of my tutorials have been gathered and are available in one place.  For those who haven't seen the previous discussion today, I'll be adding information to the object navigation tutorial.  I had intended to do so but I hadn't, in part because I was waiting to get my Windows 10 machine.  I wanted to see if certain things regarding organization were the same or similar before I discussed them. 


On 2/16/2022 11:24 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:

Thanks for that reminder about Gene's tutorial and a big thanks to Gene for writing it.  Since he has said, on many occasions, that anything he posts can be shared, I have collected some of his tutorials over time and created MS-Word documents containing same.  All have full attribution to Gene.  I had not done this for the Object Navigation tutorial because something distracted me at the time, but I have now.

For those who want an MS-Word downloadable version of this tutorial so that they can "have it open and follow along" with somewhat greater ease, here it is:

Using Object Navigation in NVDA - G. Asner


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