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P. Otter

yes, it is very easy.
there you can download it if you enter on it, choose open then it will be opened by nvda.
nvda asks you if you want to install this add-on.
press on yes then it will install it.
after that you have to restart nvda then all is done.
after this, you can open it, you can find it under extra.
press connect there you find client, keep that setting.
under it you can tell if you wish to controll another machine or this machine will be controlled by another machine.
then address, there you can fill in,
the password you choose has to be the same as on the other machine.
now you can connect and all is done.
it works great!!!!!
paul otter

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Hi friends,

Can anyone point me in the right direction for infomratio/downloads on how to do this with NVDA?


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