Re: Silence Using the Remote Add-on


yes it work on a local lan..

Den 2022-02-20 kl. 15:53, skrev Chris Mullins:


I have just successfully connected via the Remote add-on to my old laptop upstairs.  I have the most up-to-date copies of the addon, NVDA  and W10 on this machine but my old laptop has Windows XP on it so NVDA and the add-on are old versions.


For a successful connection using a relay server, Connection dialog controls should be set as follows:


1st control should be set to “Client” on both computers.


2nd control must be set to either “Controlling” or Controlled”.  If both computers have the same setting, you will get silence.


Host: should be identical on both computers I.E.


Key: should be identical on both computers.


F11 toggle only works on the Controlling computer. 







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From: mattias
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Silence Using the Remote Add-on


i have never got the addon to work either


Den 2022-02-20 kl. 00:47, skrev Jackie:

> Does your person use speech?

> On 2/19/22, Rich DeSteno <axcruncher@...> wrote:

>> I tried the NVDA remote add-on today for the first time.  I and the

>> person I was attempting to assist were using the current version of NVDA

>> and the current remote add-on.  I was successful in making the

>> connection, we got the beep and the F11 key toggled between remote and

>> local.  The problem was that I got complete silence when I was in

>> "remote" mode.  My speech synthesizer went completely mute.  I use the

>> OneCore voice Mark.  Obviously, this made the session a complete bust.

>> Does anyone know why this would happen and what the solution is?




>> --

>> Rich De Steno













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