Re: Mouse pointer going invisible after loading NVDA


Jimmy, couple things.
1) Have you tried turning mouse tracking on?
2) Have you tried turning on visual highlighting?

I also wonder if you have any addons running, because this really
isn't normal behavior for NVDA. My husband is sighted, & while I
discourage him highly from using my computer, simply because he finds
a touchpad difficult to use, nonetheless the mouse is visible to him.
Examination of your mouse settings under control panel as well as any
touchpad settings might be instructive (you don't say whether this is
a desktop, laptop, or tablet pc, so it's difficult to get specific).

Also, ensure you've got your screen maximized, as sometimes websites
will treat a device where it thinks the screen is a certain size as a
mobile device. That may cause the mouse pointer to become invisible,
as mobile devices don't generally have mice attached, though they may
have trackpad functionality.

This is just off the top. Providing info regarding your system specs
might well prove helpful.

On 2/22/22, Jimmy Podsim via <kd5qhh@...> wrote:
Hmmm, didn’t think of trying that. I’ll give it a spin when the wife is
around to see if the mouse stays visible. Thanks.


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From: Gene
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Mouse pointer going invisible after loading NVDA

No, but what happens if you run NVDA, unplug the mouse while it is running,
then plug it in again?

On 2/22/2022 9:28 AM, Jimmy Podsim via wrote:
Hello all. Jimmy here, new member. I have a problem that only came to light
because sighted people also use my computer.  Once NVDA is loaded, the mouse
pointer goes invisible.  It is still there and with NVDA loaded my wife can
still use the computer because it tracks and NVDA responds.  However, When
NVDA is unloaded, the mouse pointer is still invisible.  The only way to get
the pointer visible again is to unplug the mouse and then plug it back in.
Once the pointer is visible again it will stay that way until NVDA is once
again loaded.  Any ideas what could be causing this and how to fix it?

Jimmy Podsim … KD5QHH

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