Re: facing issue with eloquence for SAPI

Ron Canazzi

Hi Abhijit,

It sounds like your registration has been corrupt somehow. Either that or the database which Eloquence connects to is somehow down or not functioning. Usually an e-mail to the manufacturers will correct this.

On 2/25/2022 2:35 AM, Abhijit Kasbe wrote:
Hello all!
I am using eloquence for SAPI so , I am facing issue while playing audio games where SAPI is available.
the issue is that , whenever i do select eloquence from the game i do get message "please register the product" at the same time it works with NVDA,narrator and jaws.
i had raised this query to code factory but their answers did not solved the issue.
another thing if you switch speech rate check box check then you dont get chance to change the speed from the NVDA setting so , is it okay to use with inline speed? or by default.

best regards.

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