Re: Reading PDFs with NVDA and Tagging


You can use nao addon to ocr your pdf file

Scott Himel 於 2022/2/26 上午 08:59 寫道:

Hi all,

First, I searched the group for similar posts, but didn't find one that addressed my question in a direct manner. If I missed a post that has already handled this, then please point me in that direction. Thank you!

I'm relatively new to NVDA and am struggling to read PDFs in a straightforward manner with the screen reader. Here is a listing of the issues I'm encountering when trying to read books that I've OCR'd with NVDA inside of the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC:
  • The OCR I performed in a different program (my scanner OCRs the books for me) doesn't seem to work with NVDA. I have to re-OCR the whole book using Adobe's built-in OCR tool. Then, I have to close the PDF, reopen it, and NVDA MAY choose to read it then.
  • Once I've finally gotten NVDA to start reading a given PDF, it then has a tendency to jump erratically between pages when changes pages. This doesn't happen every time, but enough that it is quite frustrating. It seems like the tagging of the document is off, and I have no idea how to fix something like that. Adobe automatically tags the document when I open it.
Any idea how to address these issues?

Is there a better PDF reader to use with NVDA?

I'm wondering if I simply need to stick with NaturalReaders; however, I regret that their PDF web platform lacks any annotation capabilities. If it had that, then I'd only use NR. Supposedly, their devs are working on it, and might release something later this year.

Thank you to anyone in advance who can provide assistance. Take care.

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