Re: New Vocalizer voices for NVDA

Don H

The code factory NVDA eloquinse/vocalizer addon is $69

On 2/27/2022 8:14 PM, Gene wrote:
I'll let others discuss price.  You probably know you can get a demo so
you can try whatever voices you want.

If you are interested in American women's voices and you haven't
compared Zira in the One Core voices to the Vocalizer women's voices, I
suggest doing so.


On 2/27/2022 7:49 PM, Dan Thompson wrote:
I was wondering what the vocalizer voices cost?  I have the newest
NVDA  and would like to try them.  Thanks in advance.

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Once you purchase the addon the voices are downloaded at no extra cost.

On 2/27/2022 1:53 PM, Bobby Vinton wrote:
Thank you for telling me that.  I will pay for the new voices when i

On 2/27/2022 2:34 PM, Don H wrote:
I have the code factory addon for NVDA and the Evan voice is already
available to download for vocalizer.

On 2/27/2022 11:52 AM, Bobby Vinton wrote:
Hay I was wondering when we will get newest Vocalizer Expressive
driver for NVDA?  I would like to see Evin voice which just came
out for JAWS.
The latest Vocalizer driver is 3.0 I think.  Please let me know when
that will be.

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