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Lol i played with a virtual win 7

You cant access NVDA-project.org from ie8

You can install a older firefox..


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The question has come up before and it has been stated that when that happens, we will be notified before it does.  When it does, you can still use the latest version that does support it.  I doubt the loss of support  in new versions will matter much to most Windows 7 users.  What I'd be much more worried about is that programs may stop supporting Windows 7 such as browsers over the nest year or two.  And the Microsoft real time protection program for Windows 7, Microsoft Security Essentials, is supposed to stop supporting Windows 7 in 2023.  Other programs may still do so but Microsoft Security Essentials is a good and accessible program.  If browsers stop supporting it in a year or two, at some point, you won't be able to use your banking site because they require reasonably current versions of browsers. 


And if your printer breaks or your scanner, I doubt you can get new equipment now that supports  Windows 7. 


Whether NVDA stops supporting Windows 7 perhaps this or next year looks to me like one of the least things you need to worry about.



On 2/28/2022 10:48 PM, mattias wrote:

I read somewhere maybe on this list

That NVDA soon stops supporting win 7?



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