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I just checked.  According to this article, Google Chrome will support Windows 7 until 2023. 



On 3/1/2022 5:20 AM, Gene via groups.io wrote:

Your statement about 32 bit support is not correct.  Windows 11 does not have a 32 bit version but that has nothing to do with whether you can run 32 bit programs in Windows 11.  You can.

See this page for one discussion.


As far as programs generally being compatible with Windows 7 over time, I don't have the technical knowledge to discuss that.  I had thought many of them wouldn't but as I consider the question, I was thinking that because that is what has happened in the past, as time went on, a lot of programs stopped supporting earlier versions of Windows. That doesn't mean that has to be the case this time.  Technical conditions may differ.  We'll see what those with enough technical knowledge say.


On 3/1/2022 1:57 AM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

Well I have win7 on an old laptop and I decided to try it.

According to windows updates, the last major security update was round october sometime.

The lastnon security os enhancement update was in september of the same year.

I suspect for win7 support most stuff probably will support it till win10 stopps completely.

Simply put win11 is 64 bit only so while there will probably be 32 bit apps till they just are not convenient to support them

When windows 10 dies completely spaciffic 32 bit apps will not probably exist.

Right now microsoft still releases 32 bit runtime files and 32 bit libraries.

So I'd expect this to continue.

Its worth noting that while the latest java runtime is 8. something, the last java that is able to support 7 is java 7.

Apart from this, I should imagine chrome will support things till the end of 32 bit at least.

And therefore edge and the rest will follow.

At any rate its much easier to support 7, I mean nvda has no addons at all running on 7 and it can access basically the entire os.

I should imagine that any new software released for windows from now on will at least be untested with windows below 10 but that doesn't mean it won't run.

Saying that after trying my old toshiba  I can't say I would like a single hard drive enabled machine.

On 1/03/2022 6:38 pm, Gene wrote:

I have a Windows 7 machine.  I haven't tried to install Firefox but I can run the most recent Firefox portable. 

IE8 can't access most web sites any longer but you can run IE11 on Windows 7.  You can also run Edge in Windows 7 and Brave.

Its not the current state of what you can run that I think is of concern to a lot of users, but I have no idea what programs may stop supporting Windows 7 in the next year or two.  I would think that browser support, when it ends, may be a serious problem for many people if banks stop letting them use older versions of browsers.

On 2/28/2022 11:18 PM, mattias wrote:

Lol i played with a virtual win 7

You cant access NVDA-project.org from ie8

You can install a older firefox..


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The question has come up before and it has been stated that when that happens, we will be notified before it does.  When it does, you can still use the latest version that does support it.  I doubt the loss of support  in new versions will matter much to most Windows 7 users.  What I'd be much more worried about is that programs may stop supporting Windows 7 such as browsers over the nest year or two.  And the Microsoft real time protection program for Windows 7, Microsoft Security Essentials, is supposed to stop supporting Windows 7 in 2023.  Other programs may still do so but Microsoft Security Essentials is a good and accessible program.  If browsers stop supporting it in a year or two, at some point, you won't be able to use your banking site because they require reasonably current versions of browsers. 


And if your printer breaks or your scanner, I doubt you can get new equipment now that supports  Windows 7. 


Whether NVDA stops supporting Windows 7 perhaps this or next year looks to me like one of the least things you need to worry about.



On 2/28/2022 10:48 PM, mattias wrote:

I read somewhere maybe on this list

That NVDA soon stops supporting win 7?



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