Re: NVDA reading decorative images in ms Word, how to avoid it?


Sylvie, I think screen shots are not decorative. Indeed, they can
provide valuable information, especially if the contents of the screen
shot could be described adequately. When I was doing computer
forensics training, I had to find a solution to read screen shots so I
knew what to look for when using various tools. Reading those is far
from a good time, & descriptions would therefore be good. Even if I
describe a screen shot in curricula I write, I still have an alt text
that says "screen shot of the bla bla bla screen illustrating concept
x y z.

On 3/1/22, Luke Davis <luke@...> wrote:
Quentin Christensen wrote:

[on the web] it might be fine to completely ignore decorative images, but
Word, a way would need to be distinguished to determine when you were
reading the page as a user consuming the content, and when you were trying
to edit the
page to maybe alter those decorative images, for instance.
In thinking about the same question, I had one possible idea.

In NVDA document presentation settings, add options to:
* Ignore decorative images in browse mode, and
* Ignore decorative images during say all.

It seems like those would largely address the original issue, although never

having come across decorative images in such abundance that they caused
distraction, I could be missing the mark.

N.B. and no, I will not propose that in a GitHub issue. I don't have this
problem, and am therefore not the best to propose an official solution. But
the above is viable, feel free to run with it.


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