Re: Issue with search engine fields and NVDA


Hi Dimitrios, this is a problem with latest windows 10 updates and the latest NVDA. The only solution is to constantly be resizing the window with space+x and x for maximize or space+x and r for restore. This works until you type a few more characters, then you have to do it again if you want to review what you’ve written. It works, but it’s temporary as you review with arrows or write new characters so you have to just keep doing it.

Shawn Klein


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From: Dimitrios Tsakiridis
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2022 4:26 PM
Subject: [nvda] a problem about wrighting


Hello every one, and good morning from Greece:


I have a problem, when I visit Youtube web page, and Google web page.

I have Windows 10 home edition, and I use Microsoft Edge browser.

I have the latest version of NVDA, and I use Acapela voice Dimitris Greek voice.

I have also Vocalizer, Melina greek voice.

When I try to search something, I wright my words, but if I delete a character, and if I press up and down arrows, I can not reed something, and NVDA does not announce anything.

I believe that it cause about automatic complete form.

How I can to solve this problem?


Best regards, Dimitrios Tsakiridis.


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