Re: NVDA and Chrome and alerts

Dan Beaver

Hi, I was just about to send this so here it is:

It turns out that I did not have popups turned off like I thought I had.  My wife said a popup was showing up at the bottom of the screen but to NVDA it was just showing as a graphic with an x link below it.  The x link dismisses the popup.   This behavior is different than Firefox so that is why I didn't notice it.

Now that popups are truly off I am not hearing the alert message at all.

Thanks again.

Dan Beaver

On 10/7/2016 3:27 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:


            Please do report back with the final result as far as cause and fix.

            One other thing just struck me, could it be that you have an update to Chrome itself waiting?  They recently replaced the conventional hamburger/pancake stack menu key with one that looks like three dots in a vertical column.  When Chrome goes into "I need to be restarted to apply an update" mode for me there is nothing announced but the menu key itself will change color, which serves as an alert.  Try hitting ALT to throw focus on to the menu key and see if that doesn't potentially give you something.

             I'm really curious as to what this is, since it seems to be attached more to your Chrome browser than specific webpages, at least on the whole.

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