Re: adding to default dictionary

Roger Stewart

I'm having a problem with the pronunciation of certain numbers, time of day, and money on certain synths.  I want a string of four numbers without any commas or anything else to be said like nineteen ninety nine but the synth says 1,999.  It does this for any four numbers that are supposed to represent a year.  When trying to read a time or duration of a song, it should say 12 30 when there is a colon there but the synth says it as 1,230 instead.  When reading dollar amounts, it simply ignores the dollar sign and just says the numbers with no reference to dollars and cents.  Is there any way I can do this?  I have a couple of synths that do say these correctly, but then there are a couple others that don't. I know about making a dictionary to only work with a particular synth but I don't know how to get them to say these things correctly.  Can anyone help?



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