Re: Security issue and addon on lock screen


Luke, hi long time no see.

Noted, so everytime when I upgrade my nvda, I have to reclick the copy configuration to lock screen again.

Luke Davis 於 4/3/2022 18:08 寫道:

William wrote:

However, in view of the recent security issue, I would like to know, how can I copy the configuration to the lock screen without copying addons and their respective data?
There is no supported way to do that.
You might be able to pull it off, by renaming your %appdata%\nvda\addons folder and %appdata%\nvda\addonsState.pickle files to backup versions, then restarting NVDA, copying settings, then reversing the process; but do things like that at your own risk. (Note that this is utterly untested.)

If you are running the latest NVDA, the significant security issues have been addressed.
There is no more risk now than there ever was in copying add-ons to secure screens.

Make sure all your add-ons, and especially NVDA itself, are as up to date as possible; and re-copy settings to secure screens when you update add-ons.


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