Re: Thunderbird and nvda alpha snapshot


On Fri, Mar 4, 2022 at 10:43 AM, bering.p wrote:
I am sorry to have published a message not only not respecting the instructions of the list, but in addition with a totally off-list subject.
It won't happen again because I'm thinking of leaving her because she's getting a lot restrictive.
My only intention was, before polluting the nvda-devl development list, to check if I was alone in this situation.
1.  It's fine to check if you are, or are not, alone in a situation, even with an alpha build, here.

2. When doing number 1, it is still requested that logs not be posted to the group.  This is not new.  There are very few who can interpret them and if someone wants one they can request that you send it.

3. I never said "totally off-topic," but getting into details of an alpha build really is somewhat off topic here.

4. The group rules clearly state, "The discussion of software on the NVDA Group is limited to software currently in support."  There is a very, very good reason for that.  We have been in the age of Windows As A Service for about 7 years now, and other programs, even if formally not "as a service" are practically so.  NVDA is one of those with multiple releases per year.  There is no reason, when Thunderbird's current version number is, 91.6.1, to believe that the current version of NVDA, let alone an alpha, will work gracefully with Thunderbird version 36.1.0.  In fact, one should make the presumption that it won't and it shouldn't.  (By the way, note that I had ignored this particular issue entirely, as it was secondary).

5. I make no apology for trying to be even-handed and consistent in enforcing group rules and longstanding conventions.  Those restrictions, and they are restrictions, exist for the benefit of the community at large.

And I am certain that all of the above is going to be found offensive by some, because it is direct.  It is not mean, it is not disrespectful, it is not unbusinesslike.  We are all adults here.  I expect that each and every member of this group, upon joining, and on occasion afterward, reads the welcome message or monthly reminder to refresh themselves about the group rules, and will follow them.

If it is considered offensive for a group administrator to actually administer/moderate per the group rules, that is not said administrators problem, and will not become so.

My mission is to keep this group running according to written rules as well as conventions occasionally published in the form of Administrative Notices.  Those who make the occasional slip-up, and I include myself among that group, should simply endeavor not to repeat same if called out about having done so.  It really is that simple.  We all make mistakes but should not try to defend them when we do or repeat them.

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