Re: MS Access Series Re-upload(no more loud music, better quality, transcripts)

Christopher Bartlett

Looking forward to going through these, as I had to make it all up back in the day when I wrote an access application for running my massage therapy clinic.  This was back in 2004, and the accessibility of access was spotty if you weren't a JFW power user, (Probably WindowEyes too, but I didn't use it.)  
I haven't had occasion to use Access since, though I can think of a couple of places where I might.  Thank you for producing tutorials.

Christopher Bartlett

On Sun, Mar 6, 2022 at 2:16 AM Robin Frost <robini71@...> wrote:

Hi to TheeQuinn and all,

Firstly I'd like to praise this person for their efforts and initiative. If the world contained more doers and fewer complainers ah what a world it'd be. I for one think the quality in terms of content and production values demonstrates both their knowledge and thoughtfulness in terms of design and the fact that they're even willing to approach it with the humility to even ask of the intended audience what if anything could be done to optimize their efforts is so admirable and shows the level of care put into this investment of time energy and resources. As such it makes me sad to read people being critical therein in a fashion that's not even helpful. I for one am grateful for the effort and hope that TheeQuinn isn't discouraged by such commentary.

Be encouraged in all you do TheeQuinn and thanks for adding goodness, light and helpfulness to our world.

Take good, good care.


On 3/5/2022 5:09 PM, TheeQuinn Public wrote:
Hey Everyone!!
I know that I have not been posting my regular videos for a while but this was why. It took me a while, but I have re-edited and re-uploaded all 5 videos of the How to use Microsoft Access with NVDA series. I have upgraded the quality, i took out the loud music, and transcripts are now available for them(I am not finished with all of them though, but they will be finished by the end of the coming week, I promise). I worked really hard on these and I really appreciate your feedback. this goes to show that I do value your feedback. Below is a link to a short video that explains how you can access the videos an their transcripts quickly. Also, below is a link to my website.

Video link:

website link:

Christopher Bartlett

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