Thunderbird And New GMail Settings: What To Expect

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,
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This topic has dominated blind oriented technical lists for the past two days, so I thought I would explain just what I did and what happens.

Actually there is nothing to it.
1.  As has been described on this and other lists, go into your account settings and change the password authentication from 'normal password' to 'oauth2.  This is a combo box and you may have to open the combo box with alt + down arrow. After the combo is open, use up/down arrow keys to change the setting.
2.  Once this setting has been changed, just exit the dialogue with control + W.
3.  Then try receiving and sending mail. (be sure to have your password handy before you do so.)
4.  You will be prompted to enter your existing GMail account by first entering your e-mail address and clicking next and then entering your existing password.
5.  You will then be prompted to sign in.
6.  When you click the sign in button, you will be immediately taken to a Google security page and prompted to allow Thunderbird to access your Google account.
7.  When you click the allow button, you can then access your server using your new settings.
8.  you must allow for both sending and receiving; so you will get the same prompt when you first try receiving and then sending mail.
9.  After these two allowances, the process is complete and unless you change something in your program--such as your e-mail address and/or password, Google will not prompt you any more.
10.  You will also get two warning messages from Google telling you that a new program has accessed your GMail account and to take appropriate steps if you don't recognize this activity. Of course you can ignore this for your own changes.

...and while I am at it, I might as well include how to change the password authentication setting in more detail.

To access/change password and security settings.
1.  Press alt + T for tools followed by S for account settings.
2. Turn off virtual cursor (JAWS insert + Z NVDA insert + space bar.)
3.  On my system, I am placed in the tree view of accounts.
4.  If you are not placed on the tree view of accounts tab or shift tab to focus the tree view.
5.  move up/down the tree view to highlight the root of the tree view which references your account. (in this case it should say something referring to GMail.)
6.  You must change both the password/security settings in both incoming and outgoing servers.
7.  For some unknown reason, they place the outgoing server on the root of the tree.
8.  Sift tab  until you hear outgoing/smpt  server settings 'edit.' and press space bar to activate the dialogue.
9.  Tab until you get to the combo box that says 'authentication method: normal password' reference an use alt + down arrow to open the combo box and up/down arrow keys to change from 'normal' to oauth2.
10. Tab to OK and press enter.
11. Then Tab to the root of the GMail reference again and press down arrow key once to move to server settings.
12. Tab a number of times until you reach the combo box that says 'authentication method: normal password.'
13. Use alt + down arrow to open the combo box and Use arrow keys to change this to 'oauth2'

So there you have  it: this is a one time issue unless you change your GMail address or password.

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