Re: Addon Updater.

Robert Mendoza

Hi, Gabe.

You need to update the mentioned add-on in order to get the newer version from your system. Just install it then restart the NVDA, voila!

On 3/8/2022 9:13 PM, Gabriele Battaglia via wrote:
Hi All.

My apologize in advance if I'm not giving all the needed information to understand my scenario.

Please ask me whatever is missing and I'll do my best to complete the paint.

NVDA 2021.3.3, Windows 11, last stable, 64-Bits. Display Braille MDV Lilly (USB).

I don't know how to check the NVDA Addon Updater version, but I grabbed it from a link sent from Joseph Lee in this list, about 1 mounth ago or so.

The problem is:

everytime NVDA starts, I've got the following pop-up from addon Updater.

Sorry, it is in italian but easy to understand.


Aggiornamenti Addon disponibili: 4
Pacchetto Versi... Nuova versione
BrowserNav 2.2 1.15
Console Toolkit 1.2 1.1
Tony's enhancements 1.13 1.10
Windows App Essenti... 22.02.1 22.02

Aggiorna componenti aggiuntivi Chiudi

As you can see, all the 4 addons are older than those installed in my system. So I always reject the update... to hold the newer versions.

Is that the right thing to do?
Do I have to do something different? Is there something wrong with my installations?



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