Re: Addon Updater.


Hi all,

I know exactly what's going on: this happens because you are indeed using a "newer" version of these add-ons which were not yet approved for distribution on the community add-ons website. This is why sometimes I ask you to ignore these messages. Note that these releases are stable add-on releases.

As for Add-on Updater preventing you from downgrading if using preview releases: a while ago I considered that possibility but decided against it due to the nature of add-on versioning. Add-on Updater does not care if an add-on release being offered is newer or older than what you have due to a variety of versioning schemes in use (some use date-based versioning, others use major.minor numbering, etc.). This behavior also aligns with NVDA's add-on installation procedure which warns you if the add-on version about to be installed is different than what you already have, and NVDA itself doesn't care if you are about to upgrade or downgrade. Besides, for preview releases, the idea is to install whatever version is offered, which is really meant for developers and power users to test and provide feedback.

As for the add-ons in question: I expect newer releases will be made and queued for distribution very soon, more so as add-ons community is reviewing add-on security (won't go into details here at this time as some of these issues affect multiple add-ons, but suffice to say that these issues were brought up in light of NVDA 2021.3.3 release).



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