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Bhavya shah

Dear all,

I won't advocate for a particular solution, because I see a number of
valid complexities pointed out in this thread. Just to share my story
though, I saw about a dozen pending add-on updates a few days ago and
decided to proceed with all of them, without first manually checking
version differences. Likely due to the unintended downgrade of a few
key add-ons (mainly Tony's Enhancements and Browser Nav), I have lost
all of my bookmarks, the ability to change application volume, among a
couple other pieces of functionality. These had become significant
parts of my workflow, and with exams approaching and deadlines
looming, this has been an untimely productivity hit. Quick question:
is there some way to retrieve my website bookmarks or will I need to
create them again from scratch?


On 3/10/22, Cyrille via <cyrille.bougot2@...> wrote:
Hi Joseph

That's a good news that you take my suggestion in consideration. Many

I admit that Tony's add-on was not the best example since in some way, it is
blocked for personal reasons and by the lack of an alternative maintainer.
But there may be some time between a valid PR against addonFile and the
website update. E.g. currently Focus Highlight update asked a week ago.
As you stated, it is due to the website update process and this may not
change until the store is up and running.

You seem to plan to implement the mechanism only for stable channels. I
would recommend instead to implement it for both stable and dev channel.
Here is a user story explaining why:

User story 3:
I am a user of TheWonderfulAddon version 2021.1 that I use daily for my job.
Since this add-on is important for me, I want to test each new version to
check that it still fit my needs. Thus, I subscribe to dev channel for this
A new version (2022.1-dev-1) is proposed by the add-on updater and I install
it. I use this dev version in my daily job to check that I can still use it
for the tasks I have to do.
After some time, I realize that this dev version contains a regression that
prevent me from doing my job correctly. Thus I uninstall 2022.1-dev-1 and
reinstall 2021.2. I also report the issue to the add-on author.
I would like add-on updater not to bother me anymore with 2022.1-dev-1. But
I also would like add-on updater to inform me when 2022.1-dev-2 is available
so that I can test if the issue I have reported has been fixed.

Hope my request is clear.



Kind Regards,
Bhavya Shah
B.S. in Mathematical and Computational Science | Stanford '24

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