Re: how to fill out forms that are not tagged


I don’t like it either. I’ll go into focus mode when I’m good and ready, lol. I wasn’t crazy about it in Jaws either, even though arrowing popped you right back out again.

Shawn Klein


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From: Gene
Sent: Wednesday, March 9, 2022 5:32 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] how to fill out forms that are not tagged


Finally, another person who believes that, because of inconsistent

behavior, and working differently if you tab or use the arrow keys, the

setting should be turned off and shouldn't be the default.





On 3/8/2022 10:12 PM, Luke Davis wrote:

> Gene wrote:

>> I don't use the default NVDA settings where you are automatically

>> placed in focus mode when you move in certain ways into edit fields. 

>> Others may wish to

>> comment but I believe that you will get stuck in focus mode when you

> down arrow through a page and will need to manually turn browse mode

> on to move out of > the edit field.

> Quite true, though it's easy to get out of with escape or NVDA+space.

> more troublingly, you often get inconsistent behavior when navigating

> in one direction with the arrow keys, than you do in the other. For

> example, a combobox menu may not open when you down-arrow past it, but

> then does open when you up-arrow past it a second later. If it is one

> of those menus that interactively changes other things on the page,

> since you weren't expecting it to open this time, you may then have

> already pressed another up-arrow by accident, and your page will be in

> an undesired/unexpected state. I have experienced that numerous times.

> In fact, just flipping the option on briefly to test from this

> conversation, I had that exact experience on a page I happened to be on.

>  This is one of those settings where I can understand why they did it,

> but really think for the majority of people, having it off by default

> would have been preferable.

> If you have never tried operating with that option turned off

> (NVDA+Ctrl+b, tab 6 times to "automatic focus mode for focus changes",

> uncheck and press enter), I encourage you to test it out.

> Luke







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