Re: weather plus addon

Adriano Barbieri


Those data are sent by the Weather API in a Json file, they are not processed by the Weather_Plus code, rather I would make sure that the city set is the correct one and not a homonymous city located in another time zone.



Il 14/03/2022 01:35, Ron Canazzi ha scritto:

Hi Adriano,

You wrote:

The time you see in detail refers to the time zone of the selected city.>

If this is true then why is my city of Cheektowaga New York USA still showing the sunrise and sunset times for eastern standard time rather than eastern daylight time? This did not happen over the several years I have been using the app.

On 3/13/2022 1:47 PM, Adriano Barbieri via wrote:


The time you see in detail refers to the time zone of the selected city.


Il 13/03/2022 18:37, Don H ha scritto:
[nvda] weather plus addon
"Don H" <lmddh50@...>
13/03/2022, 18:37

Noticed that the times shown in the weather plus addon did not switch to daylight savings time.  Is there a setting I am missing to get this changed?

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