experience sharing: Using NVDA's Gestures to Switch the Touchpad

Rowen Cary

Hi all,

Yes, there was already an inquiry on this topic in this group. I opened a separate thread in order to make this method more visible.

It would undoubtedly be more convenient if the touchpad could be toggled on and off using NVDA's gestures, which we can do anytime, anywhere without having to open settings.

Steps: 1. press windows+R to open the Windows Run dialog;

  1. input the following path: %appdata%\nvda\gestures.ini and press Enter;

  2. If nothing else you will open NVDA's gesture profile, The first line of the file is: [globalCommands.GlobalCommands]

  3. Please press enter at the end of the first line to add a blank line;

  4. Then input the following: kb:windows+control+f24 = kb:control+f4

  5. Press Ctrl+S to save the file and restart nvda in your preferred way;

  6. Please try pressing ctrl+F4 to toggle the on/off state of the touchpad.

p.s. If you prefer other gestures you can change control+f4 to your preferred gesture in step 5.

Off topic, I want NVDA's input gestures to distinguish between left and right function keys.

I hope this useful to you.


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