Re: experience sharing: Using NVDA's Gestures to Switch the Touchpad

Rowen Cary

Hi Luke,

Thanks Luke for the clarification, it's important, It's my fault, hope your clarification can be seen by more people. I hope this topic is useful to some people, and of course I hope there are more tests to show its feasibility, the provenance of this method is no longer verified, I have to say sorry for this.

"> Which key do you mean exactly? The FN key? I was not aware that any laptop had" I'm referring to the left/right ctrl, shift/alt/windows keys, currently NVDA can clearly distinguish these keys in keyboard help mode, but the input gesture settings don't allow me to use right ctrl+F4 alone and similar combinations.


On Tue, Mar 15, 2022 at 12:08 AM, Luke Davis wrote:

Rowen Cary wrote:

If nothing else you will open NVDA's gesture profile, The first line of

the file is: [globalCommands.GlobalCommands]

No it isn't, not always.

Please make sure, if you're trying this, that you do find that line, and enter

your edit below it.

Please try pressing ctrl+F4 to toggle the on/off state of the touchpad.

I have tried this on my MSI laptop, which already has a shortcut for this (FN+F3), and the effect is identical. The touchpad is turned off, and neither the left or right hard clicks at its bottom corners have any effect (to answer

Brian's question). Win 10, 21H2.

Next, I tried it where it really matters: on my HP Pavilion, which has a jumbo

touchpad which has always been a pain while typing, and has no convenient way to disable it on the fly, that I have ever found. Sadly, on that machine, it has no effect. Win 10, 1909 (2018 laptop, can't be upgraded past 1909).

Off topic, I want NVDA's input gestures to distinguish between left and right function keys.

Which key do you mean exactly? The FN key? I was not aware that any laptop had

two of those. Or the control key? Or something else?


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