Re: Emojis and NVDA under Windows 11

Rowen Cary

Hi gene

I think it sucks compared to the convenience of the Windows emoji panel, and I had to sift through this huge list. The emoji panel on Windows +dot key allows me to filter by category and discover many new emojis. I guess what this thread is trying to convey is that NVDA is not announcing what's on the Windows 11 emoji panel.

Thanks On Tue, Mar 15, 2022 at 08:54 AM, Gene wrote:

I can't discuss Windows 11 and emoji, but NVDA provides a very large selection within the screen-reader.

New steps start on new lines:

Open the NVDA menu,

open preferences and up arrow to Punctuation/symbol pronunciation.

Press enter.

Shift tab once to filter by.

Type the word or words you want emoji to contain as descriptions of what they are.  If you want emoji showing different kinds of smiling faces, type the word smiling.  If you want to limit what is being shown in the list more, type more descriptive words such as smiling eyes.

Tab once to get back to the list.

Look through it.  If you find one you want to use press NVDA key f9 to set the start marker.

Move the object navigator to the right until you get to the end of the description.

Issue the command NVDA key f10 quickly twice.  You can hold the NVDA key and press f10 quickly twice.

You have copied the emoji to the clipboard.

Paste it into the message where you want it.

I don't know whether you get a better selection  in NVDA or Windows or if they are about the same.


On 3/14/2022 7:32 PM, Nevzat Adil wrote: > Hi Group, > > After I installed Windows 11 I noticed it's no longer possible to > access emojies using NVDA. > Is there an add- on that would help? Any ideas? >

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