Problem with windows 11 notepad, and browsers

Abhishek Raut

Hello. I have 2 issues while using nvda.

First is problem with notepad, and, another is problem in browsers.

I'm Facing too much problems with windows 11 notepad.
When there is blank line at the end of file, nvda do not speak blank. instead of that, nvda speaks the  second last line.

The find box which comes by pressing ctrl+f, is also not working well. When we type something in find box and press enter, it is not working.

When we type in find box and pressed tab, There are 2 buttons. First one is search down, and, another one is search up.

If we click on any of these, the cursor do not move.

Now let’s come to the second issue.

With browsers there are lots of issues.

Mostly in forms,  nvda automatically switch to focus mode.

For example, if there is form like M C Q questions which means choosing options form, then that time nvda switch automatically to focus mode and the options which we selected before get changed to different.

This automatically switching gives huge issues in websites.

Another problem is with google search.

I am using google chrome. When I search anything in google search box, after some letters, nvda stop speaking the typed letters.

Even if we move cursor by using ctrl + arrow or arrow keys, nvda speaks nothing.

But if we press tab and shift tab, then nvda starts speaking.

Is there any solutions to resolve these issues?

Thank you



Abhishek Raut.

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