Re: Problem with windows 11 notepad, and browsers


I didn't state my last message properly.  If I do a control f search using Narrator in Notepad, nothing is spoken if what is searched for is found.


On 3/15/2022 12:13 PM, Gene via wrote:

Also, as a point of Interest, on my Windows 10 machine, when I do a control f search in Notepad, nothing is spoken if what is searched for is found.  NVDA says what I reported but Narrator is silent.  And Narrator's behavior is what I have experienced from Windows 95 to Windows 10.

If screen-readers announce more over time, that doesn't mean using logic and inference should be neglected.  And this should be taught as a part of training.  I haven't seen it taught nor training pointing out when and how it is being used if it is.


On 3/15/2022 12:07 PM, Gene via wrote:

What behavior do you, Joseph and the person asking the question, expect in a search in Notepad?  On my Windows 10 computer, in Notepad, if what you are searching for is found, it isn't announced.  NVDA says found next occurrence of text.  In earlier versions of Windows, nothing is spoken.  I can use read current line to hear what has been found but I don't bother.  If the text is found, I hear nothing.  If not, an error message comes up which is spoken. 

When working with screen-readers, using logic and inference to determine what is happening is a skill that helps you use computers well.  this may be important in working with some programs or doing things efficiently in some programs.  Literally expecting a screen-reader to do everything exactly as expected in such a complex environment is a way to get caught up in minutia when you can often know what is going on without a literally exactly correct behavior. 

When using f3 in Notepad, to repeat a search, what is searched for is announced in Windows 10.  I hear it announced, followed by selected. 

I don't recall if I hear anything in earlier versions of Windows.  But whatever the case, if using f3 finds something I know it because no error message comes up. 

On 3/15/2022 11:33 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:


Regarding Notepad on Windows 11, NVDA repeating the last line entered is actually a known problem, and a brief discussion between developers indicates that this may have something to do with (once again) a possible bad UI Automation implementation from Microsoft as Narrator suffers from text announcement bug sometimes (this is one of those instances where I just throw my hands up and give up; I spent some time trying to do something to no avail).

As for find dialog in new Notepad, NVDA not announcing things when you press Enter key is the correct behavior - this can also be observed with Narrator.



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