Re: Clipspeak Interfering with Clipboard and Other Functions


Hello all,

I have revisited the ClipSpeak add-on source code and found that:

Short answer regarding compatibility with upcoming NVDA 2022.1 changes: incompatible.

Explanation: this is one of those instances where simply editing the add-on manifest won't work when NVDA 2022.1 is released, something I've been warning the community about for weeks (as late as a few days ago). The add-on uses code that's removed in upcoming NVDA release, along with employing practices that can raise eyebrows (it did raise mine). In order for any future version of ClipSpeak to work with upcoming vast changes, it must be edited at the source code level. And I can tell you that I'm not really in a position to do so unless as a last resort (I can imagine a scenario where since I "rescued" some add-ons before such as Golden Cursor, folks may ask me to intervene, but I'm at a crossroad in graduate school education where I need to spend more time fulfilling my duty to the school).

I understand that what I said can be a shock to you; I imagine that people who are new to NVDA community may believe that the latest add-ons are ready for future NVDA releases, only to discover that a seasoned screen reader contributor is saying otherwise. I also understand that talking about a crossroad in life, especially coming from someone who was seen as ready to assist the community day and night, might be a bit odd. But I do know that sometimes a shocking revelation is what eventually wakes up a community (it doesn't always work though); after all, I am a human, and as most humans do, I need to move on (I realized this and made up my mind last weekend after spending days auditing and resolving security issues with my add-ons; the realization that I spent too much time in the add-ons community to the detriment of my immediate duty of a scholar in training, hence my statement that I can't intervene unless as a last resort).

If there is one take away from my analysis, it is that sometimes you must open the box to fix things; there is a difference between appearance of compatibility and actuality of compatibility (please remember this, my friends).



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