Re: Clipspeak add-on for NVDA

Rui Fontes


First, a gentle request...

Do not use idiomatic expressions, since many readers have not english as his primary language...

Regarding the copy/paste announcement, Jaws and System Access have it...

Regarding key commands, Narrator have a nice implementation...

Rui Fontes

Às 23:05 de 16/03/2022, Brian Vogel escreveu:

On Wed, Mar 16, 2022 at 06:59 PM, Rui Fontes wrote:
Many people, as myself, have quit asking this feature because NV Access is tottally against it...
I am not naïve, and I understand where you're coming from, but you and others like you do need to consider that "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" may apply in situations like this.

I can't say that you have done this, but many "quit squeaking" far, far, far to early on.

For virtually any software, a large and long enough outcry from the user community has a tendency to effect change.

All of the above having been said, I also understand that, after a certain point, the desire to keep on fighting just dies out.

It's funny, but as someone who is sighted, and who has worked with screen reader users for some time, I never even think about having cut/copy/paste speak what's being cut, copied, or pasted, as that should have been a part of the selection process.  Mind you, confirmation that a cut/copy/paste command has been issued is handy, and at the moment I can't remember which screen reader(s) do this confirmation announcement by default.

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