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Rui Fontes

And, remember that most portuguese and brazilian users, as well as other language communities, do not post in this list, or in GitHub, because they do not know english or do not know how to use GitHub...

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Às 00:02 de 17/03/2022, Gene escreveu:

While it isn't continually asked for but there are often long times between, that doesn't mean it isn't wanted and that it wouldn't be asked for a lot if more people asked for things.  I may be wrong, there may be other things that would be asked for more, and this may not be wanted as much as I think, but considering that most members never participate in lists like this but follow the list and never write anything, I think my statement is a good guess.  I suspect that for every one person who asks for it, there may be twenty, thirty, fifty, perhaps far more people who just never bother asking for it or discussing it on the list.  And people on the list are far more likely to know about the add-on and thus be less likely to ask. 
I don't see much requested in terms of new features in general but I see this one asked for more than anything else.  I'd be fascinated to see those switching from JAWS or who use both screen-readers asked how much they want this feature.  If a lot of  people switch from JAWS, I think a lot of them would want this feature.

Also, as Rui said, he stopped asking for it.  Others may have stopped as well. 


On 3/16/2022 5:16 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Wed, Mar 16, 2022 at 03:36 PM, Gene wrote:
Since it appears that the ability to hear copy, cut, and paste is the most requested feature in NVDA

What makes you say this?  I'm not saying it's wrong, but this particular desire tends to come up occasionally and disappear for long periods of time.  I have not noticed it being requested with particular frequency or forcefulness by the community as a whole.

That being said, you are correct that if a feature request exists, or is created, for this then it is up to members of the NVDA user community to comment on it if they want it to get any traction.  I have said, over and over and over again, that the end users of NVDA have no idea how lucky they are to have a direct communication channel with the developer community for NVDA in the form of GitHub.  That is exceedingly rare, and gives the NVDA user community a voice that most user communities would give their eye teeth to have.

One cannot, and should not, use GitHub to create new bug reports or feature requests without due consideration.  But it is underused by the user community.  Even if the only thing you (the generic you) do is occasionally check if an issue exists for something of interest to you, and giving a "me too" comment that includes something of substance beyond just "me too," to them it ensures they don't slowly sink to the bottom of the priority ocean.  A "me too" alone doesn't say much, but a description of your own situation and why you want something, too, gives it weight.

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