Re: Can't Upgrade While Using RDP

Christopher Duffley

If you're referring to Microsoft Remote Desktop, yes, about 99% of it or so is very accessible with NVDA! The best way to disconnect a machine that's on an NVDARemote connection, however, is to use a Disconnect RDP.bat file that I can send a link to for the Machine being controlled. This is because if you don't use this file disconnect almost every other way, the NVDARemote connection will freeze in terms of sending commands to the machine.

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On Mar 17, 2022, at 19:03, Luke Davis <luke@...> wrote:

Russell James wrote:

I used to be able to upgrade NVDA while using RDP.

Perhaps I am behind the times, but my understanding was that RDP was not accessible--That it was, in fact, entirely graphical.
Have I missed an important change?

If not, and it is still entirely inaccessible, how did you used to do this?


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