Re: acapela and codefactory add-ons and latest snapshot

Luke Davis

mattias wrote:

Are the acapela and codefactory add-ons incompatible again?!
With stable NVDA? No, they shouldn't be. With alphas (snapshots)? Of course they will be incompatible.

It is no surprise, that if you are running alphas, add-ons will become incompatible. Don't panic or be shocked about that.
You are running software that is not ready for public use, so it is to be expected that add-ons are not ready for it.

Run the latest published version (2021.3.4), if you want everything to keep working.

Even when the NVDA beta comes out, add-ons will still be getting ready. In fact, they can't even start publishing new releases that support new NVDA, *until* the first beta of the year comes out.


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