Zoom oddities

Bob Cavanaugh

Hi all,
Well, I'm back on the list with a question after about 15 months of
relatively trouble free use of NVDA. Actually I have two concerns
regarding Zoom:
1. When I enter a meeting, NVDA used to say "you are in the meeting
hosted by (name) with # participants." Now it says "you are in the
meeting hosted by %F with %D participants."
2. I was trying to set up a meeting to recur on the third Saturday of
the month, but couldn't figure out how to do it. A friend of mine runs
a recurring meeting on the first Saturday of the month, and she can
have the meeting dates displayed in the invitation, but when I try to
set up a recurring meeting, my meetings always come up as "this is a
recurring meeting, meet anytime." She is using JAWS. Does anyone know
if I can access the recurring meeting function within Zoom using NVDA?

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