Re: Version 22.03/22.03.1 of Joseph Lee's add-ons: mandatory security updates #addonrelease


Hi all,

Update 1: Add-on Updater 22.03.1 is now available. This is a mandatory (manual for now) update for anyone wishing to test NVDA 2022.1 beta 1 (INSTALL Add-on Updater 22.03.1 BEFORE INSTALLING NVDA 2022.1 beta 1!):

After installing this release:

  1. DO NOT DOWNGRADE TO 22.03 or earlier!
  2. Hold off on installing other add-on updates (manually or automatically) until I give the green light to do so.

There will be two more updates:

  1. An announcement that you can now upgrade rest of my add-ons.
  2. A virtual goodbye ceremony for five of my add-ons as I am officially ending maintenance for them as of this very moment.




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