Re: Zoom oddities

Bob Cavanaugh

I got a new computer for Christmas, and was running the latest version
on both this one and my new one. I can't remember the version that
was, you might be able to look that up. I'm now running 2021.3.4, but
just updated to that today, so haven't been in a Zoom meeting with
that version yet. I am not running the Zoom Enhancements addon.

On 3/17/22, Luke Davis <luke@...> wrote:
Bob Cavanaugh wrote:

1. When I enter a meeting, NVDA used to say "you are in the meeting
hosted by (name) with # participants." Now it says "you are in the
meeting hosted by %F with %D participants."
Are you using the Zoom Enhancements add-on?

If so, try running with it disabled, and see if you still get this. If you
don't, then please report it to them.
Also, you didn't say what version of NVDA you're running (insert+n, h, a),
how long ago (I.E. under which earlier version of NVDA) this worked.

I do not believe this format error stems from NVDA core; the NVDA built in
appModule doesn't touch that area of Zoom output.


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