Re: Kind of a broad question, but what changes have been made in the last couple of years?

Eduardo Fermiano Luccas

a tip: in NVDA's browse mode, you can press the number 2, this will make NVDA navigate between the new features of each version

Em sex., 18 de mar. de 2022 às 09:34, Eduardo Fermiano Luccas via <> escreveu:

you can check this in NVDA's help menu by going with NVDA+n and going to help and clicking on news, there will be all the news from NVDA 2019 until today

Em sex., 18 de mar. de 2022 às 09:28, Phillip Gross <phillip_gross@...> escreveu:
Good morning. As I said in the subject line, this is kind of a broad question, so I'll apologize to you in advance.

I used NVDA as my primary screen reader for several years. In 2019, I switched back to JAWS for a while and made NVDA secondary. I am now switching back to NVDA. What do I need to know about, good or bad, that's changed in the last 2.5 years?

In addition, what voices do you recommend at this point? I was using the Samantha Vocalizer add on back then, but as I recall there were problems with it and it hadn't been updated. I liked it because it meant that all of my devices were using the same voice.

Anyway, thanks for your time.

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