Re: Kind of a broad question, but what changes have been made in the last couple of years?


I would suggest you look at the What's New section available in the help menu.  If you use h to move by heading, you will see various headings such as the version of NVDA being discussed, and headings for categories suchh as new features.  If you want to know about new features, you may down arrow from the new features heading.  New features, have links if you want to learn more.  You can use move to and read next paragraph command, control down arrow, to move through the items and skip the links. 

The What's new section includes a lot of versions of NVDA.  As you move by heading, you will hear the version announced and the same sections underneath for each one. 

I don't remember most changes, introduced bit by bit over a considerable period of time.  And there are many new add-ons that you may be as or more interested in than changes in NVDA itself.  Those aren't in the What's New section. 


On 3/18/2022 7:28 AM, Phillip Gross wrote:
Good morning. As I said in the subject line, this is kind of a broad question, so I'll apologize to you in advance.

I used NVDA as my primary screen reader for several years. In 2019, I switched back to JAWS for a while and made NVDA secondary. I am now switching back to NVDA. What do I need to know about, good or bad, that's changed in the last 2.5 years?

In addition, what voices do you recommend at this point? I was using the Samantha Vocalizer add on back then, but as I recall there were problems with it and it hadn't been updated. I liked it because it meant that all of my devices were using the same voice.

Anyway, thanks for your time.

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