Re: Clipspeak Interfering with Clipboard and Other Functions


Here is a correction about the Global Commands Extensions add-on and portable versions.  I said very recently that the Global Commands Extensions add-on doesn't work fully in portable versions of NVDA.  That appears not to be true.  I haven't tested it again because I'm not sure if it will change settings I don't want changed, it does so many things.  And I don't know if everything changed is reverted if I uninstall the add-on.  But I just tried another add-on that hadn't worked before in a portable copy of NVDA with no other add-ons installed and it worked.  An add-on was keeping it from working.  I think that is very likely the case with this add-on as well.  I think it is very likely to work fully if you try it in a portable copy of NVDA unless you are running an add-on that interferes with it.  I didn't try to find out what add-on is causing the problem.


On 3/14/2022 5:25 PM, Gene wrote:

I did two or three more searches and I found it.  Its called Global Commands Extensions. 

You can download it from this page as well as read an extensive description about the add-on.

It has a lot of capabilities.  You may want to try it.

On 3/14/2022 5:08 PM, Gene wrote:

I doubt that is a general issue.  We'll see if others report it. 

There is another add-on that announces cut, copy, and paste, from what I've read.  I don't recall the name and I'm not sure what to search for.  I did one search without success.  Someone else will likely provide the name.  You may try that one.


On 3/14/2022 4:52 PM, Abbie Taylor wrote:
A few days ago, I downloaded the new version of ClipSpeak compatible with the latest version of NVDA. Today, I noticed a problem. Things would work fine for a while, and then, while in Chrome, I wouldn't be able to switch between browse and forms mode. When navigating through a list of items in my clipboard, pressing the down and up arrow keys closes the clipboard instead of moving to the next item in the list. Restarting NVDA temporarily resolves the issue. After about the third or fourth time of restarting NVDA, I finally disabled the add-on, and now, everything works as it should. 

I'm finding no way to email the developer except for the address given in the About Add-On dialogue, to which I can't seem to navigate. So, I'm posting this here in the hope he sees it. I love the verbal feedback I get from ClipSpeak when copying, pasting, etc. I hope this issue can be resolved.

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