Re: Zoom oddities


This is a new thing with the newest zoom, and I think it does it with jaws as well, but not positive.

Shawn Klein


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From: Bob Cavanaugh
Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2022 8:49 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Zoom oddities


I got a new computer for Christmas, and was running the latest version

on both this one and my new one. I can't remember the version that

was, you might be able to look that up. I'm now running 2021.3.4, but

just updated to that today, so haven't been in a Zoom meeting with

that version yet. I am not running the Zoom Enhancements addon.


On 3/17/22, Luke Davis <luke@...> wrote:

> Bob Cavanaugh wrote:

>> 1. When I enter a meeting, NVDA used to say "you are in the meeting

>> hosted by (name) with # participants." Now it says "you are in the

>> meeting hosted by %F with %D participants."

> Are you using the Zoom Enhancements add-on?

> If so, try running with it disabled, and see if you still get this. If you

> don't, then please report it to them.

> Also, you didn't say what version of NVDA you're running (insert+n, h, a),

> or

> how long ago (I.E. under which earlier version of NVDA) this worked.

> I do not believe this format error stems from NVDA core; the NVDA built in

> Zoom

> appModule doesn't touch that area of Zoom output.

> Luke







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