Re: A Newbie with an NVDA Remote and Update Problems


Moderator's Note:  I am going to start getting more strict about this, and this particular topic has two perfect examples of the issue.

Our group rules state the following, and I expect it will be adhered to:  1.  Use threaded or conversation view in your e-mail client program or webmail and reading through the entirety of a topic before replying.  It gets you completely up to speed and avoids a lot of repetition.  If you choose not to use threaded/conversation view, please take the time to read through all messages from the group that are in your inbox prior to adding any reply to the group.  It’s the only way you can be sure you’re up to speed on any topic when not using threaded/conversation view.

Last night, Tyler Spivey (thanks, by the way), posted the suggestion about removing the remote.ini file as one of the earliest replies in this topic.  The original poster acknowledged this and said she'd give this a try sometime tomorrow morning.

This morning, we have had two people post, almost verbatim, the same recommendation.  That is not useful, it is clutter.

This isn't even going to be prefaced with a please:   It is expected that members will read the entirety of what has already been posted to a topic before posting ANYTHING of their own to it.  That is basic courtesy and netiquette.  Having the exact same material posted hours to days apart is not helpful, it's clutter.  And it doesn't matter who may have posted it first, once the information is out there, and clearly stated, it need not be restated again in the same topic.

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