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On Mon, Mar 21, 2022 at 01:20 PM, Gene wrote:
Perhaps in a word processor, paragraphs are retained but not in Notepad.
That is almost certain to be true.

HTML and word processor formats automatically flow text for you and paragraph marks occur only when someone manually hits a return/enter at the end of a line.  Those are not stored as blank lines, but are generally displayed with whatever spacing is dictated by the settings in the document (be it web or word processing) in force when it's being created.

These typically end up being "translated to plain text" as a single blank line, sometimes, but in many others it's just a newline after a very, very long single line that is what comprised the flowed paragraph in a formated file format.

Plain text has a lot of limitations, and pasting anything to a text editor that originates in something that allows complex formatting is almost always going to produce some interesting, and undesired, results.

I have pointed this out repeatedly when it comes to email and those who choose to force HTML source email to plain text in their email clients.  You can wipe out vast amounts of information, like tables, headings, and the list goes on and on that provide information by format when you do this.  It's just bad practice, as the use of HTML format as the de facto standard has been in place for a long time now, and those who compose in it (which is almost everyone) expect that recipients will be reading in it and that their original layout will be retained.

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