Re: Clipspeak add-on for NVDA

Rui Fontes

Don't worry!

In a few days, a new version of Clipspeak will be released...

Rui Fontes

Às 14:35 de 22/03/2022, Sarah escreveu:

Thank you for the link, I forgot to come back with an update. 
It worked with the NVDA 2021.3 version which I think hasn't been updated yet, and my daughter is very happy as finally being able to complete her work fully independently without worrying if she has correctly copied and pasted.
She doesn't use Narrator from the windows as she dislike how it works and isn't easy to use or figure out. 

It is disappointing to read the rest of the thread that implies the clipspeak will not work with the next version expected for 2022 version which is going to be a massive disappointment for my daughter after struggling for 2 years to complete her college work independently as she will be continuing college education for few more years to advance her qualifications. 

However I have seen some recommendations of add-ons that does similar so will keep those in mind for when it finally fails which I hope by then someone takes over maintaining it. 
I wish it could be integrated into NVDA overall which would be a massive bonus in a way for many users with ability to either have it on or off in settings I guess as this is a much simple add on for my daughter. She likes the simplicity of it. 

Thank you guys for helping me few weeks ago. 

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