Re: Inaccessible dialog in a case where copying a file

Dan Miner

Interesting as I have hit that dialog too (as well for other issues) and I've been able to get the up and down arrows to work. It does take a bit of fiddling to get it to respond and I agree.. You have a good chance of missing the dialog popping up and I wish the Windows addon would address these file explorer dialogs.


On 3/23/2022 9:59 PM, Gene wrote:
You may disregard my last message.  The problem isn't an NVDA problem.  I just tested with JAWS and narrator and the same thing happens. The dialog evidently doesn't respond to keyboard commands.

I was mistaken in my memory of the behavior when I wrote that the dialog isn't announced when it comes up.  It is announced but tabbing and shift tabbing doesn't move me in the dialog.

On 3/23/2022 9:47 PM, Gene via wrote:
I want to know if others have this experience.  I may report it if they do.

I'm using the current production version of NVDA and the current version of Windows 10, 21H2.  If I copy a file to a folder where a version of it already exists, the dialog asking what I want to do is inaccessible in NVDA.

I can read it in screen review and with object review but the dialog is not announced when it comes up and when I tab, nothing is spoken.


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