Re: NVDA always say: read-only in Word 2016


On Fri, Mar 25, 2022 at 09:35 AM, Cyrille wrote:
we need to know the version of Office since we cannot exclude the hypothesis that the user having this issue may run an old unsupported version of Office.
The title of the very topic states:  Word 2016.

I'm sorry, but unlike you I do not believe that to be in any way unclear, nor have any probability of being anything other than "the usual, self-updating" version of Word that is part and parcel of Office 2016.

I've run versions of Office since at least Office 2003.  Never, once, when I have identified a version of Office, or had someone else identify same to me, has it been anything other than "the usual installation" of that version of Office, and in its current state of support (which can mean out-of-support).

Office 2016 remains in support, still.  You insist on grasping at straws; I don't. 

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