Re: Strange Issue With Amazon Website And NVDA

Ron Canazzi

Hi Luke,

I do see combo boxes in Edge Browser and with Firefox on other sites than Amazon.
could this be an add on? I looked at the interface for add-ons: themes plug-ins and extensions. I don't have too many. It is a bit confusing in that web type interface but there _might_ be some sort of add on for amazon. Wen I look at the search field within which I have Google set as default, I see some references to amazon something or other, but it doesn't read very well. It keeps losing focus in that field when you press control + L and then use up/down arrow keys to highlight other search tools.

I also did a 'refresh Firefox' procedure from the Firefox help screen, but that still didn't fix the issue.

In addition at the suggestion of Gene Asner, I downloaded a portable version of Firefox and the problem does not occur there. I was smart enough to not import any settings from the installed version of Firefox. This is why I believe there might be some sort of add on causing this issue.

On 3/25/2022 4:08 AM, Luke Davis wrote:

When I go to in Firefox, I can press c, and move to a departments combobox. Selecting a department, I can then tab or whatever to the next field, which is a text field.

I gather this is not what you get.

Try running the COM Registration Fixing Tool in NVDA's Tools menu (NVDA+n, t, r, enter, authenticate to the UAC, enter).

After that, close Firefox, and try again. Or better yet: restart the machine (Shutdown, restart; not power off then turn back on), then try again.


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