Re: Setting up the Humanware NLS EReader via Bluetooth for use with NVDA - Assistance please?


I connected the E-Reader that’s based on the HumanWare Brailliant series, but Windows/NVDA ignores any commands from the keyboard and just displays the first half of any line, you have to navigate using your computer’s keyboard, so it’s not at all useful. It works much better with the IPhone. They didn’t add me to the E-Reader mailing list, so I’m just waiting until the testing phase is over and it goes public so I can add myself.

Shawn Klein


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From: Clarissa Mitchell
Sent: Sunday, March 20, 2022 12:42 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Setting up the Humanware NLS EReader via Bluetooth for use with NVDA - Assistance please?


Hi. I have the Zoomax E-reader, and I tried to explore this. The User

Guide says it should be able to work as a display with NVDA, and it

tells you how to connect to a Mac via Bluetooth, as well as iOS and

Android devices. There's a section on connecting to a computer via

USB, but I didn't find anywhere that told how to connect to a Windows

PC via Bluetooth, or how to use it with NVDA. When I went into

Settings on the device, then Bluetooth mode, all that showed up on the

display was BT and nothing else. I couldn't find any way to choose any

Bluetooth devices, and I was not notified that it was searching for

any devices. And I couldn't get out of it except by turning off the

E-reader. No keypresses were acknowledged.


Now I'm curious. Has anyone else been successful at connecting one of

these E-readers to NVDA via Bluetooth?




On 3/20/22, Christopher-Mark Gilland <clgilland07@...> wrote:

> Hey everyone. I sure hope everyone is having a lovely day out there!

> I have a question regarding NVDA version 2021.3.4 in combination with a

> bluetooth braille display; I'm not the most familiar with this, as I

> have always connected in the past over USB.

> I'm using the Humanware NLS EReader device as my display, and my

> ultimate goal is to connect it via bluetooth to my Windows 10 machine.

> Can someone possibly give me the steps both in NVDA as well as in the

> EReader to get this display connected up wirelessly over bluetooth so I

> may use it in conjunction with NVDA?

> Your help is very graciously appreciated.

> Thanks, and god bless.

> Chris.







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