Re: Strange Issue With Amazon Website And NVDA

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

Well at long last I solved the issue.  Lacking any other possibility, I figured there might be some sort of corruption in cookies. I did a search under Firefox settings for cache. I was taken to a list of cookies and other related items. I searched within the listings for Amazon.  I don't know how this was acquired but there was something called When I deleted this cookie, everything returned to normal.

Not only does the combo box appear again, but apparently this cookie--corruption or result of some sort of add wear (my anti virus says there isn't any) not only do the combo boxes appear properly but also in the kindle store, the search for kindle books is specific and the 'buy now with one click' item is visible and accessible. In the future, I will check out cookies first if some sites seem to change in unexplainable ways.

Sorry for posting this on the NVDA list, but trying other normal things and not getting results made me think it might be some quirky thing with screen readers.

Thanks for your forbearance!

On 3/25/2022 10:46 AM, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Luke,

I do see combo boxes in Edge Browser and with Firefox on other sites than Amazon.
could this be an add on? I looked at the interface for add-ons: themes plug-ins and extensions. I don't have too many. It is a bit confusing in that web type interface but there _might_ be some sort of add on for amazon. Wen I look at the search field within which I have Google set as default, I see some references to amazon something or other, but it doesn't read very well. It keeps losing focus in that field when you press control + L and then use up/down arrow keys to highlight other search tools.

I also did a 'refresh Firefox' procedure from the Firefox help screen, but that still didn't fix the issue.

In addition at the suggestion of Gene Asner, I downloaded a portable version of Firefox and the problem does not occur there. I was smart enough to not import any settings from the installed version of Firefox. This is why I believe there might be some sort of add on causing this issue.

On 3/25/2022 4:08 AM, Luke Davis wrote:

When I go to in Firefox, I can press c, and move to a departments combobox. Selecting a department, I can then tab or whatever to the next field, which is a text field.

I gather this is not what you get.

Try running the COM Registration Fixing Tool in NVDA's Tools menu (NVDA+n, t, r, enter, authenticate to the UAC, enter).

After that, close Firefox, and try again. Or better yet: restart the machine (Shutdown, restart; not power off then turn back on), then try again.


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