Setting up a Braille display using Bluetooth

hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi guys

I am guessing there is some one using a braille display connected by blu tooth.

I was wondering if there was any one who had written a tutorial on connecting there braille display using blu tooth they might want to share?

And how it is done.

I am guessing if it is like other devices on the braille display you have to turn on blu tooth on it so it can be found and if using a computer with blu tooth on it you need to get it to search for that blu tooth device say called what ever it is called.


Under the braille display settings where there are other braille displays I see the part where it can be a com port r via usb is there if you have blu tooth on the computer you can see it in this section to?

I am guessing the part before where it says the braille display names there would be units there that do have blu tooth?

I see the question come up a few times on the list if they are new braille display users either connecting by usb or blu tooth or even a com port.

Gene nz

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