Locked Re: Adding A City To The Weather Add-On

Adriano Barbieri


Important: Have you installed the latest version of Weather_Plus, 8.8?
Do you find any errors in the nvda log?


Il 03/04/2022 23:50, Joseph Machise ha scritto:

have followed the instructions from Ron it still doesn't work, every time I try to add the city the weather adding cities closes, here are Rons instructions, someone may have to tandem with me thanks from Joseph
The keystroke you mention is not for adding a city. It Is for setting up a
temporary city. This assumes you have saved more than one city in your
Weather program and you want to check the  weather in another city without
changing your default city. To add a city to Weather Plus:
1.  Press NVDA + N for the NVDA menu.
2. Choose preferences.
3. Press enter on Weather plus.
4.  The default item there is set and manage your cities. Press enter on
`5.  You are placed in an edit field. Type in a city name or city code .
6.  Tab once to a test button and press enter. This will search for the city
or give you multiple choices if there is more than one.
7. If you find the city, highlight it in the results list and tab to the add
city button and press enter.
8.  You can then use the tab key to set parameters for the city you have
chosen. These settings are check boxes and there are a lot of them.
9.  Don't forget to tab to and press OK to save the setting.
3c.   Re: Adding A City To The Weather Add-On
From: Adriano Barbieri
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2022 00:51:27 CDT

The settings window can also be opened with: NVDA + CTRL + SHIFT + W

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